Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Caroline DeVillo

This past week we had the opportunity to visit bridal designer extraordinaire Caroline DeVillo in her design studio in Chicago. What a treat! She and her assistant Kaitlind graciously explained her various collections as well as the quality and care that goes into every gown.

Fabrics and trims are carefully selected to ensure quality and all of the gowns are cut right in Caroline's studio and sewn in Chicago.

Part of Caroline DeVillo's permanent collection is the ID line. The base of this line are a number of simple dresses in a variety of classic cuts and fabrics that can then be customized according to the brides taste and budget. The dress in the front is an example of a customized gown.
These shrugs and tops are part of the ID collection and can be added to the base dress.
There are also a variety of sashes and belts in various colors to choose from.

We also discovered that she recently created a line of bridesmaid dresses. They are fabulous and contrary to the cliche, they actually CAN be worn again!

You can view the official photos of her collection at

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