Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Collection from Steven Birnbaum

Our first stop at New York Bridal Market (where we see our designers' new collections and choose gowns for Something White) was the Birnbaum & Bullock fashion show to check the latest from The Steven Birnbaum Collection. Unfortunately I got off to a bit of a rocky start since I thought the show started at 11:30 rather than 11 and then got dropped off at the wrong address by my cab driver. I arrived sweaty and breathless along with some other late-comers including Martha Stewart's Darcy Miller (Rebecca was desperately trying to send me "play it cool" signals in the elevator as I recounted my crazy morning). Fortunately the show hadn't started (something tells me the held the show for Darcy rather than us SW gals...)
Worth all of the effort it took to get there - we were blown away by the new collection:
Something tells me their photos turned out better....
When we went to our appointment to take a closer look I thought it would be helpful to see the dresses on a person - luckily I talked Rebecca into playing dress-up.
The other buyers thought so too because before we knew it Rebecca had a crowd and was even asked to try on some gowns from one of the collections we don't carry  - what a good sport!
Hope you ladies are as excited about the new gowns as we are - we will let you know when we have them at Something White!

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